My Upcoming Vampire Novel

My Upcoming Vampire Novel

My Upcoming Vampire Novel The New England Vampire: A Supernatural Fantasy Novel of Hy'Brasil

My Upcoming Vampire Novel – The New England Vampire 2018

My Upcoming Vampire Novel - Alternate memories The Mandela EffectHey guys, I would like to share a new vampire novel project I have been working on. Ever since I discovered the Mandela Effect in 2015 and wrote one of the best selling books on the subject in late 2016, Alternate: The Mandela Effect, I have fallen in love with writing. Since then, I wrote a book called 2050: Being Human in the Future and the sequel to my Mandela Effect book, Alternate 2: Searching for Answers.

When I finished my third book, which concluded the worldwide phenomenon of the Mandela Effect and why people were experiencing alternate memories, my writing has laid dormant. I wanted to create a worldwide sensation in the form of a novel that will electrify the vampire and sci-fi community. I decided to write a vampire novel in the summer of 2017 and I have spent a year thinking about what exactly the story was going to consist of and how I could create an original storyline that would grip fans and leave them wanting more.

All I had was the title, The New England Vampire. After watching every vampire show and movie, I decided I would like to get a piece of the action and come up with my own vampire story that added a few risky plot points and twists that have never been done before. I researched the origin of vampires and discovered there was a story published about a tuberculosis outbreak in the 19th century in New England and the community warned people that sufferers of the disease were ”vampires”. This caught my attention and I built my idea for the vampire novel around this.

I wanted to blend reality, myth, legend and sci-fi into one powerful story of love, danger, excitement, adventure, darkness and suspense. I believe after a year of jotting down ideas and structuring my new vampire novel, I am close to achieving that. I also wanted to take fans on a thrill road through some of the most baffling unsolved mysteries of our world that will fit seamlessly into the story.

My Upcoming Vampire Novel - The New England Vampire [A Supernatural Fantasy Novel] Inspired by True Events (2018) Paperback Book by Jay WheelerI started writing the book in March 2018 and as of May 6th, 2018, I am about half way through. The New England Vampire novel has a release date of Sept 1, 2018, but I am expecting it to be finished sooner so I can bring the release date forward a little.

Maybe you’re wondering why I feel I am qualified to write a vampire novel?

5 years ago, I started studying and researching unsolved mysteries, physics, higher dimensions, parallel universes, space, supernatural, paranormal and more. I decided to create a mystery website (A History of Mystery) which I spent almost three years building up to where it is today. Countless days and nights were invested in going deep into unsolved mysteries and phenomena and trying to find answers. I found some very interesting things and also that some completely different mysteries from different eras were linked to each other. You can check out a huge library of mysteries on

With half a decade of research in the mystery, supernatural and cryptozoology field, I felt that a vampire novel was perfectly fitting. My writing experience from articles served as a framework for writing books and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I am already jotting down ideas for the New England Vampire sequel.

I think that is enough updates for now as I don’t want to spoil anything so if you came here for plot points, I apologize. However, here is the overview of my upcoming book which you can order now.

The New England Vampire Novel – Overview

The New England Vampire will electrify fans of TwilightA Shade of Vampire and The Vampire Diaries with a unique storyline that no one is expecting!

After Cade learns that the 1888 New England tuberculosis outbreak may have been a cover up, and with his fiancee, Lexi, battling the severe disease in hospital, he must race against the clock and dig deeper for the truth in hopes of finding a cure.

Uncovering the truth is only the beginning though. In order to save her, Cade must find his way to Hy’Brasil, an island that was taken off of maps and disguised in a hidden reality by a line of powerful witches who imprisoned the vampire population there. Now he must battle the sinister evil that lives in the darkness and enter a world that has been kept secret for centuries.

Does he survive his journey through physical and mental hell and make it back to save Lexi in time? Or does he unlock something far more dangerous than even the witches are able to control?

The New England Vampire perfectly merges reality, fantasy, legend and myth into one hair raising story that will leave you wanting more.