Disney’s New Crypto Coin!

Disney’s New Crypto Coin is Here!

Disney's Crypto Coin DragonChain

When a company like Disney create a crypto coin, you can be confident where it is going to go. But instead of just putting faith in the brand behind the magic, let’s look at the coin, its technology and why it has the potential to go to the moon!

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Firstly the team behind Disney’s new Crypto Coin, The DragonChain, have decades and decades of combined experience in software architecture and development as well as team members having years of experience at Disney and Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks, just to name a few. You can view the entire dev team for DragonChain at their website, here.

DragonChain was created at Disney in Seattle, Washington, USA. Its primary utility is for data protection and security. With such an experience team working towards the goal of solving data protection, DragonChain is definitely a coin I would recommend taking a very close look at.

You may be wondering, well if it is so good, why haven’t I heard or it? For an unknown reason, possibly legal, Disney’s new coin has not been listed on any of the major exchanges yet. It is only available on KuCoin, which is an Asian exchange, similar to Binance, but most people have never even heard of it.

Disney's Crypto Coin DragonChainDragonChain has exploded in growth over the last week and it doesn’t show many signs of slowing down. But, why invest in it?

Disney’s new Crypto Coin was the runner up for the last community Binance Poll. A voting poll that is held monthly so the community can vote for the next coin they would like on the Binance platform. As mentioned, DragonChain was in second place in the 5th round and it is very likely that it will be added to Binance soon. When that happens, there will be an influx of investments into the coin and even more when people realize Disney is behind it. This is a ground floor opportunity.

On top of this, there is an extremely educated team behind it. It solves real world problems and let’s not forget it has enough financial backing to take it to the moon… Disney are hardly short of funds.

I believe this coin is a phenomenal investment opportunity for anyone want to get into a solid coin for the future.

Good luck investing. See you at the top.

Disclaimer: This is not investing advice. Results are not guaranteed. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Buy DragonChain Now!