Start your own online store

Start Your Own Online Store

Start your own online store

Start your own online store

Launch a new business with your own online store

With everything moving digital and the internet becoming the new (more convenient) way to shop, an online store is a good place to be. There are many options, including Shopify and others, but after using many of the options and building out state of the art custom platforms, the one I would recommend is Ecwid.

Ecwid is short for E-Commerce Widget. It is not only an online store, but it is also a widget which can be very easily added to a website or even a Facebook page.

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The reasons I suggest this store over any other are:

  1. Price Point & Packages
    Each package is very affordable for what it is. Obviously the basic package is free, but the following 3 are excellent value for money. With the Free package, you can list 10 products and customize your layout completely, as well as make sales, add payment options and many other options. With the next package (Venture), it is only $15 a month and you can list up to 100 products. With the Venture package, you get online support, unlimited sales, and a lot more customization, such as discount coupons, the management app and wholesale/combination pricing. The Business package is $35 a month, followed by the Unlimited package for $99 a month. You can save approximately 20% off every package if you pay yearly.
  2. Customer Support
    The customer support from Ecwid is second-to-none. If you want to start your own online store, you may need support and guidance for customization, unless you have a coding background. This is where the Venture package really shows its worth. You have 24 hour chat. You’ll be speaking to the US chat reps in the day and the Russian teams at night. Both are equally fantastic and will make sure they solve your issue every single time. You can really make your store look incredible with just a few tweaks and having a tea, of experienced people behind you puts plenty of power in your corner to win.
  3. Custom Development
    Whether you want to be a rocket ship out the gates or you’ve built a nice store and want to take it to the next level, the custom dev team, also know at Ecwid as the Tier 2 team, are the way to achieve that. You can hire the Tier 2 team for $100 an hour, but they’re able to get a good amount done in their time limit. These guy can do pretty much anything you want and get it done fast.
    Tip: If you purchase the Unlimited package ($99 per month) and pay for 1 year up front, you will get 12 hours of custom development work for free. Basically, you’re getting $1,200 of custom development + $1,200 package ($99 x 12 months) for around $999.

There are so many options available with Ecwid that I haven’t mentioned, but once you create a free store, you can see them all, even if you can’t change them on the free package. This really is a complete solution to building your own online store. It has a very simple interface for newbies to the e-commerce industry, basic and advanced shipping options with live tracking, discount codes, a huge list of payment methods, Search Engine Optimization, digital download sales content if you are selling things like e-books, and much more. Good luck on your new store!

Start your store today!

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